Picturesque Peonies, On My Little Kentucky Homestead

My homestead has been full of beautiful Peony blooms. Peony’s are one of my favorite flowers, I enjoy the fluffy blooms along with their fragrance. The Peony symbolizes honor, happiness, and fortune (I like all those things too). The beautiful Peony is also the state flower of Indiana and is commonly given on the 12th year wedding anniversary. However, my anniversary is in December and we are way past 12 years, we are approaching precious metal territory at this point.

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5 responses to “Picturesque Peonies, On My Little Kentucky Homestead”

  1. Nelda Hendricks Avatar
    Nelda Hendricks


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  2. So pretty! Just keep the goats away….lol


    1. Thank You, keeping the goats away is important.


  3. Absolutely beautiful! These photos make me feel so alive 🌸😊

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    1. Thank you, I feel the same way

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