You Read it Right, I Got a New Goat!

In the homesteading world there is a thing called chicken and goat math. It has been said, once you start raising chickens and/or goats they tend to multiply in numbers, I would include rabbits in the homesteading math equations as well. When I started dreaming of owning goats, I was thinking two goats would be my limit due to my goat accommodations. Goats are herd animals and I knew I would need to maintain at least two at all times. Goats and sheep are prone to illness and death if not kept with others. Denver my male goat, is doing much better after having emergency surgery to deal with bladder stones/crystals. However, the veterinarian informed me that because of the severity of the surgery, Denver’s life expectancy would be shortened.  I did not want to be in a situation where I was dealing with an ailing or dying goat and worried about his companion Minnie’s wellbeing. I began to search for another female goat, mostly to avoid the possible health issues of a neutered male goat. Soon after starting my search I found a young female goat for sale at a reasonable price within an hour drive from our homestead. The farm appeared to be a healthy happy goat place. So during spring break I took the plunge and added to our herd and brought Pearl home. It has been interesting to me how my goats have such different personalities. Pearl has been a wonderful addition to our homestead. She is super sweet and will follow me like a puppy.  She loves to spend time with my nine year old and will actually let him hold her on his lap. Goat Mom’s are not supposed to have any favorites but it is hard not to be partial to Pearl, as she seems to be the most interested in interacting with people. Minnie and Denver are friendly but are most interested in food. Pearl will often delay eating so she can be scratched behind the ears. She is also very cute, Pearl is mostly white except for two patches of brown on her knees, one knee patch looks like a heart.  Pearl also has blue eyes, which is actually a desired trait in Nigerian Dwarf Goats. We have had to work out some jealousy issues with Minnie but it has been very fun to have both Minnie and Pearl on our little homestead. I hope you enjoy the spring pictures of Pearl. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog. I will be posting some Mother’s Day content very soon.

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3 responses to “You Read it Right, I Got a New Goat!”

  1. I love your blogs and pictures, keep up the good work

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    1. You are so sweet with the encouragement


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