Spring is Coming

Spring is coming on the homestead. Although, today it would be hard to tell because a lovely snow has covered our March ground.

But there have been a few days of sunshine and warmer temperatures. Spring is my favorite season. The weeds have not had time to grow and hopeful little flowers are blooming throughout my homestead.

The goats have loved the warmer weather and the time in their lot. Minnie skips around jumping for joy in the sunshine. The goats’ cat Winston climbs the goat shed and uses the fence as a balance beam soaking up all the sunshine rays that he can.

My hens have started peak egg laying season, we are gathering 12-18 eggs a day at this point. One of my earliest goals in homesteading was to raise a rainbow variety of fresh eggs. I have accomplished this goal.

However, raising chickens is always a work in progress.  To maintain a healthy producing flock, we will need to add to your flock yearly. Chickens usually lay productively for about three years. A chicken’s life span is not long and their years of productivity are even shorter. My homesteader husband and I are adding around six chicks to our flock this spring. We probably will try to get Lavender hens, we currently don’t have any purple chickens and we like their look and the fact that they are good egg layers. Lavender hens have a purple/lavender hue to them and can actually be a couple of different breeds of chicken. We are considering Lavender Orpington hens. 

Lavender Orpingtons are large chickens that are cold hearty (meaning they will lay eggs over the winter) their eggs are medium to large brown eggs. On average these hens will lay 3-4 eggs weekly, in their prime.  Hens usually reach their prime laying age around 18 months, usually laying their first eggs between 4-6 months.   

Homestead planning is always in progress. My current projects and plans include: 

1) Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar

2) Lime and Jalapeno Kraut

3) Seed starting under grow light and in a plastic jug

4) Developing plans for a small pallet greenhouse/compost area. 

Meanwhile on this snowy Kentucky spring day I will spend more time in my kitchen, I plan to  make some yummy spelt flour cookies. 

Click here for my recipe: https://hettieshomestead.com/2022/01/01/healthier-treats-yummy-spelt-flour-chocolate-chip-cookies/

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4 responses to “Spring is Coming”

  1. Nice.
    I’m getting “whiting” chickens this yr.
    They lay bright blue eggs but have white rock heritage so are suppose to be prolific layers.
    Hey I have some heritage tomatoe seeds (library packet).
    I’ll get them to you… I’m not growing plants myself.

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    1. That sounds exciting. Thank You 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your blogs, and continue to read them. I can identify with many of your memories and your hard work. I grew up on a farm and have done many of these things. Now I’m glad I had that opportunity
    I loved your sweet Mom

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank You for your kind words and for reading

      Liked by 1 person

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