Dollar Tree Love, Easy Crafting, Valentine’s Day Wreath

One of my favorite things to do (when I am not spending time with my goats) is Dollar Tree crafting. I usually go into the store and treasure hunt for things that I can redo or upgrade. Here are my directions for a cute Valentines Day wreath, all the products including the glue sticks were purchased at my local Dollar Tree. You will need a heart shaped frame, fake flowers (I used six groups of Dollar Tree Roses), and a glue gun/glue sticks.

  • Step One: I found the perfect Valentine’s Day wreath, I checked the back of the wreath and it has a plastic frame I can use to remake a wreath.
  • Step Two: I took all the sparkling rope off the frame, but save it for later
  • Step Three: Cut flowers out of bunch, leaving some wire, wrap wire in the wreath to place flower on front side of the wreath

  • Step Four: Alternate placement of flowers, one high one low to fill in the frame
  • Step Five: After putting all the roses on, put the desired amount of sparkle rope in the wreath, filling in all the open spots the flowers don’t cover. Hot glue the rope to the wreath.
  • Step Six: Hang it on your porch and enjoy a little touch of love for Valentine’s Day

The entire wreath cost me 8.75$, even with Dollar Tree inflation.

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