My Goats Are Coming Home Tomorrow!!

Hey, in case you forgot my goats are coming home tomorrow! I am beside myself with excitement. It’s actually coming true, I am going to be a goat Mom. I’ve been distracting myself lately with cookies, cranberries, and homemade dish towels. At this point, I am waking up and thinking,“What have I not done yet ? Am I ready?” among other questions. I’ve prepped a warm, dry space. I bought food, treats, and dewormer. I also bought cute little goat halters on Etsy and even looked up how to make goat jackets. It’s not great timing for them to arrive, because the weather will be cold and I will be at work during the day instead of at home pampering my new goats. There are things that I will have to start doing, like getting up earlier in the cold and taking care of my baby goats. The cold weather will mean they will need to be inside more and monitored more closely, which in turn means more poop shoveling. On the homestead when you get animals the chores don’t stop for snow, rain, or cold weather. In fact bad weather often creates more chores on the homestead. I have done my best to get ready for the goats arrival. I am sure there are things I am not ready for and things I have prepared that won’t work out like I think they will. I will share lots of pictures and let you know about my experiences being a goat Mom soon.


7 responses to “My Goats Are Coming Home Tomorrow!!”

  1. Congratulations and good luck with the goats!

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  2. Good Luck. Can’t wait to see them.

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  3. Congratulations on your new additions. I have a question: other than being really cute, especially the babies, why goats? Is it for the milk?

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  4. Congratulations on your new additions. I have a question: why goats? They are cute, especially the babies. Is it for the milk?


    1. Yes, I plan to milk, but I will also use them for weed control. Plus of course they will be family pets


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