Homemade Dried Cranberries (Craisins); Cheaper and Less Sugar

As the winter weather has arrived in Kentucky,  I have had a little more time to try some new things in the kitchen.  One of my Christmas presents this year was a new dehydrator, a COSORI Dehydrator.  I was thinking I would have to wait until summer or harvest to try using my new dehydrator.  However, back in November I found bags of fresh cranberries for less than a dollar.  Cranberries are super easy to freeze, you just through the bag and all in the freezer.  I made a batch of Christmas jam and had several bags of frozen cranberries leftover. 

Prior to making the craisins,  I dehydrated some oranges in the oven.  The process of dehydration in the oven meant I could not use my oven for several hours and they stuck to the parchment paper and ruined one of my good cookie sheets.  I was hopeful with a dehydrator I could avoid the mess in the oven and simplify my process.  Here are the easy steps to homemade low sugar craisins.  

List of ingredients:  3,  12 ounce bags of cranberries (frozen or fresh) 

                                3   Tablespoons of coconut sugar

You can use fewer bags and of course that means one tablespoon of coconut sugar per bag of cranberries. 

  • Step One:  put frozen or fresh cranberries in pot,  pour enough water to float berries

Cranberries getting ready to pop
  • Step Two:  bring cranberries to low boil, stir until you hear popping of the cranberries
  • Step Three:  remove from heat and drain the water
  • Step Four:  place cranberries on paper towels to remove a little moisture
  • Step Five:  put cranberries in bowl and sprinkle in coconut sugar
  • Step Six:  gently stir cranberries to coat with sugar, trying not to mush the cranberries
  • Step Seven:  pull out trays of the dehydrator and put cranberries on racks 
  • Step Eight:  put racks back into dehydrator and turn it to 130 degrees Fahrenheit
Cranberries loaded and ready to become craisins
  • Step Nine:  set timer for nine to ten hours,  I checked on berries and moved them around on trays at hour five and then noticed them ready at hour nine
  • Step Ten:  leave them sitting in the dehydrator (turned off) for another hour and let them cool
  • Step Eleven:  place cranberries in mason jar with airtight lid for storage

I have enjoyed these homemade dried cranberries in my granola, oatmeal, and in my plain greek yogurt.    

Beautiful homemade craisins

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