Snow Day Fun:  Easy Use What You Have, Snow Cream,  Accidentally Dairy Free

It’s cold

   Here on the homestead we recently experienced a nice accumulating snow.  It has been a couple of years here in central Kentucky since we have had more than an inch or two of snow.  Needless to say, the roads are bad and we are staying warm by our wood burning stove.  I have always felt like snow was one of the very few graces of January. When it doesn’t snow around here in January it usually looks like a giant gray mud pit.  We ventured out today briefly to do chores and collect some clean snow to make snow cream.   I do not have any cream, half and half or milk in the refrigerator, so we used coconut milk.  The critics said the recipe passed and they enjoyed the sweet treat of snow cream.

  Here is a simple but fun recipe for snow cream.

  • Step 1:  Find a nice big bowl to collect clean snow.  Stay away from the dog’s area to collect your snow.  I prefer using my very large stainless steel bowl.  
My collected clean snow
  • Step 2:  Skim the top of the snow as to collect the cleanest of snows, it works better if you are in an area where no one has walked yet.
  • Step 3:  GO INSIDE !!  It was about 15 degrees fahrenheit when we were outside.  
  • Step 4:  Find a normal size mixing bowl and fill it at least half full with snow (you have to do this quickly so that the snow doesn’t melt)
Ready for milk
  • Step 5: Mix in one cup of milk (cream and half and half work lovely) but if you are out of milk you can use almond milk or coconut milk. I had a mixture of almond and coconut milk. Slowly mix in the milk and make sure you don’t make it too mushy.
  • Step 6: Mix the snow and milk together, it works best with a big metal spoon, we tried a whisk and it just didn’t work. The mixture should start to resemble ice cream or a more solid consistency of snow.
Ready for some sweet stuff
  • Step 7: Scoop snow cream in a bowl and add maple syrup or honey til you get your desired amount of sweetness. Considering the cost of honey and maple syrup, I do the pouring of that liquid gold in our house. My boys like to add Christmas cookie sprinkles to the top
  • Step 8: EAT IT FAST !! Yes you will get a brain freeze but it is going to melt !

Enjoy your snow treat and stay warm.  Please don’t forget to like my blog and subscribe below. Thank you for all your support.


2 responses to “Snow Day Fun:  Easy Use What You Have, Snow Cream,  Accidentally Dairy Free”

  1. No snow in SoCal, so no snow treat for me. Reminds me of homemade icecream as a kid. Ah, the memories!

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