Big Goat News About Tiny Goats !! 

     Well it looks like I am becoming a goat Mom.  Not a stay at home goat Mom, that is my retirement plan.  One of my sweet friends has been tagging me on Facebook each time she sees cute little Nigerian Dwarf goats posted.  I have followed up with each lead and until now, nothing has worked out.  I changed my original plan and decided I would purchase a young doeling and a wether (a fixed male goat).  I don’t have space to separate male and female goats during certain times of the year.  Sometimes it is best to start small even if you are taking a risk.  Does that mean there is a small biscuit for a small risk it ??  Not sure.

     Now back to my adorable soon to be goats.  The goats were born at the end of November and will be ready for me to take home around Oprah’s birthday (or better known as my birthday).  I am so excited, last night I couldn’t remember if I had used shampoo in the shower, O well I may have washed my hair twice.  As excited as I am,  I am also nervous. I have never owned goats before, not even during my childhood farmgirl days.  My family tried a couple of times to own sheep and it was a disaster.  

     My homesteader husband (I think that is kind of like a farmer’s wife) is mostly supportive of my wild homesteading dreams.  Let’s just put it this way, so far I dream of an animal we can raise and how we would benefit and then he takes care of the animals.  Since my goat dreams have developed my homesteader husband has been supportive of my plans.  However, he has made it very clear, I will be doing all the goat tending.  I am hoping secretly he sees this cute little face and his cold homesteader husband heart melts.  

Now for a little fun …. I have a girl named picked out,  that I am mostly sure about.  Comment below and help me name my little guy.  Remember he won’t be Fathering any goats, so no Billy or Buck or etc.  I am open to some good sibling names.  Scroll to the bottom of the blog and you will see a comment section,  help me name this cute little fellow.  

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6 responses to “Big Goat News About Tiny Goats !! ”

  1. You’re homestead or husband could be like my husband. It was my idea to get chickens. I was thinking maybe around 20 hens and one rooster, just to have enough eggs for the family. After we got them Joey became obsessed with them. We now have somewhere around 100 chickens, but that is only after he agreed to get rid of a few! What began as a small project for me turned into a mini hoard on his part. 😂

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    1. Yes,that has already happened with us rabbits/chickens


  2. Yay, I vote Nutmeg!

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  3. I enter Billy

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  4. So cute!! The first name that popped into my head was Winston. 🙂

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