Bonus Recipe: Start At The Top, Carrot Pesto

beautiful carrot tops

Just recently while reading a homestead friend of mine page (Not Your Mother’s Homestead on Facebook) I discovered you could eat carrot tops. The actual name of the carrot green is fronds. I am a little surprised that had not eaten fronds before. I grew up gardening and for the most part my Mom found a use for almost anything we produced or grew. So after a little research, I developed a recipe that I quite enjoyed eating.

Start At The Top Carrot Pesto

  • First things first rinse your fronds
  • Next you will need to avoid the thicker parts of the stalk and the part closer to the actual carrot root, it has a more bitter taste
  • After getting several green leaves loose, use two cups of fronds
  • Put fronds in a blender or food processor
  • Add 1/2 cup of olive oil
  • Add 1/2 cup of walnuts
  • Add 1/8 cup of grated Parmesan cheese
  • Add two tablespoons of lemon juice (bottled or fresh)
  • Add a teaspoon of pink sea salt
  • Blend until it’s fairly smooth
  • Enjoy with crackers, in a wrap, with pasta, or on top of rice
the pesto put it over the top

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