Easy Any Night Carrots

Homegrown Carrots

Here is a SUPER easy carrot recipe,  it is a family favorite of ours.  All four of my carrot eating guys love it ! 

  • Dig some carrots and scrub them (if you don’t garden, buy a bag of organic carrots, or pick some up at the farmer’s market)
  • Thinly slice the carrots, I recommend using a mandolin slicer if you have one
  • Put about 2 tablespoons of sesame oil in a frying pan (sesame oil is healthy too)
A drizzle will do
  • Drop the carrots in and watch them closely, it will not take long for them to cook on Medium High heat.
  • Season with my favorite pink Himalayan salt
Pink salt out of my cute salt bowl. I feel fancy using my dollar tree salt out of my salt bowl.
  • If you want to spice up your life even more, grate some fresh ginger or use ginger powder to flavor your carrots. Go easy on the ginger, too much can overpower and you will lose the full flavor the carrots
Quick easy healthy week night dinner

So keep calm and carrot on !!

Bonus Recipe: Coming Tomorrow !! Scott Thompson was my first clue.

2nd clue, I just recently discovered that this part of the carrot could be eaten.

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