Add A Little Type A To Your Carrots

beautiful fall carrots

Add a Little Type A To Your Carrots 

I walk out into my overgrown dead garden and the sky is almost dark at 5:30 pm.  There is still dinner to be made. What could I possibly gather in this desolate space for dinner. Out among the brown foliage I see beautiful waving green tops …. CARROTS. 

green top carrots with my favorite shovel

I will be honest,  I struggled for several years learning how to grow a good sized carrot.  Before moving to my homestead a couple of years ago, I grew either raised bed gardens or container gardens.  I had wonderful success with things like lettuce, radishes, squash, tomatoes, and peppers.  I tried every year to grow carrots, but when I dug them up they were tiny, even when the tops looked lucious and green.  They were frequently twisted together and apart from me snacking on them in the garden they had no value to our family table.  Because of limited space in raised beds my “philosophy” was always sow thick and plant tight.  Some plants can thrive and survive in tight spaces but carrots need a little room to grow.  

Surprisingly the pandemic was a great garden year for me.  My type A husband joined in my gardening, for the first time in our 20 plus years of marriage..  When your type A husband joins in, you know what that means ??  Straighter rows, planned out plots, and fewer weeds.  So actually, for the first time, I was not just throwing carrot seeds to the wind, saying, “If you grow, you grow”  I actually took the time and thinned out my planting and planned a row of carrots.  With my type A husband looking over my shoulder,  I placed the seeds about one to two inches apart, which is actually closer than the package says.   The result of a little planning and a little restraint is a beautiful crop of fat carrots.  My family enjoyed a wonderful year of cole slaw with carrots, stir fry carrots, and several other yummy carrot options. 

a nice big fat carrot

Here is the thing that makes carrots one of my favorite homesteading crops – you can enjoy them almost year round in your garden.  Of course in some extreme climates, where you have a deep, deep ground freeze this might not be the case.  But here in Kentucky and most of the United States you can over- winter carrots.   I usually plant several short rows in the fall and enjoy carrots for months afterwards.  I have even dug carrots in the snow.  So when almost nothing else is edible in my garden, I can usually find some carrots.  

easy yummy carrots

Coming soon:  A super easy, any night of the week, carrot recipe.  Also including a surprise bonus recipe, here is a clue:  Scott Thompson

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6 responses to “Add A Little Type A To Your Carrots”

  1. We grew carrots once. I can’t remember: do you plant them in “mounds” like you would potatoes?


    1. Good question, you plant them in rows about 4-6 inch wide rows. They are tiny seeds and don’t need to planted very deep. To help further with the crowding problem, it is best to thin them out to 2-3 inches between each plant. Even though they are root vegetables, they do not need to be mounded.

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  2. Those are some beautiful size carrots! Maybe I’ll try this next spring.

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    1. You don’t really need a lot of space and could even plant them in a container. Your container would need to be deep enough and of course get enough sun light. You wouldn’t be able to over-winter in a container, but you could still get some yummy carrots. Let me know how it goes

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  3. Beautiful carrots and very humorous writing. Thanks so much.

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