Homesteader Slump

So here we go, my first blog.  For quite some time, several friends have been saying to me, “you should blog.”  I have been internally challenging myself for a couple of months to “just do it.”  My hopes are that it will help me achieve my big dream of little goats.  I have been trying for several months to save up to buy a couple of Nigerian Dwarf does.  Car trouble and other life events have made my savings account struggle.  Support my dream by following along in my homesteading journey.  

First topic for my first blog:  The Homesteading Slump.  You might be thinking, what is that?  Well I just gave it a name/label but I know it is something that probably all homesteaders feel.  This time of year, Fall heading into Winter,  I look around and even my cute chickens don’t look good.  My pretty little happy hens are losing their feathers and for the most part have gone into their winter laying patterns, which means way less eggs.  The leaves here in Kentucky have fallen rapidly this year.  Although the leaves are pretty, they have littered my yard.  The Starling birds are in full force and pooping rapid fire on our vehicles.  My beautiful Hydrangeas got confused by the warm fall weather and are now a deep brown dead color.  The garden is done (except for the carrots) and is brown and dead.  What once was a luscious producing homestead looks pretty depressing. It’s also the time of year I look around and see all the projects I didn’t get to when the weather was nice enough and also the failed projects staring me down.  So what do I do with the slump ? What can you do ? 

  1. Make something.  Every homesteader has this inner desire to create something.  We all enjoy growing food, crafting, sewing, cooking, or building something.  In one of my Saturday homesteading slumps I opened the freezer door and realized I had pink hulled peas that I needed to can.  Just this simple project reminded me I could be productive even during the slump.  
  2. Google.  Look for new ideas.  Read other homesteaders.  Watch videos, read blogs, and try something new.  Recently I found a new blog, “Farmhouse on Boone”.  They post several videos on youtube.  I am now making easy Christmas stockings from Lisa’s incredibly easy instructions.  
  3. Plan.  This will look a lot like google for me.  Research last year’s new experiments that didn’t turn out like you thought.  Find out how/what you can do to improve.  It took me three years to raise a successful popcorn crop.  Now if you know me and I have gifted you something recently it is probably popcorn.  

 Share with me your slump ideas,  how do you get through ?  

Here are some ideas for future blogs:  Beeswax candle making, more on my goat dreams/progress/things I need to do, canning, cooking (what I make for my family in a week).  Let me know if you have any suggestions on topics.  More blogs coming soon !

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Thank you for reading and supporting my goat dreams.

From brighter days on the homestead.


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